Nucs For Sale

Our nucs consist of five recent Hoffman self spacing BS brood frames, all with drawn comb and at least three or four frames of brood in all stages, plus one of food, all well covered in bees, and headed by a young Buckfast Queen.

All nucs are very strong and ready to transfer straight into a full sized hive, where rapid expansion into a full sized colony will very soon take place.

Nucs are for collection only, you will be shown the brood/bees plus of course the Queen on collection.

These bees are very productive, weather permitting of course, and generally of a very good temperament. All our queens are reared by us and mated in our isolated sites here on Exmoor.

For new beekeepers full advice can be given at time of collection, about feeding and building up your new hive of bees, and their aftercare.

I would be very happy to give further advice and support via email or telephone for as long as needed, if you have any questions with regard to your bees and I will answer them all.

A small deposit of £15 will be required at time of ordering and payment can be made by personal cheque, direct bank transfer, cash or Paypal.

Strong 5-frame nuc headed by a young 2014 Buckfast Queen
available mid to late May..............£170 (deposit £15)

For further information and contact details please visit our website below.....this also has a link to our small Buckfast beekeepers forum.

Website: Pete Little - Exmoor Bees and Beehives