Richard Lindsey took up beekeeping as a schoolboy and went on to gain the Master Beekeeper qualification in 1997 aged 27. He built up his bee farm over many years while also serving as a DEFRA seasonal bee inspector. Since leaving DEFRA the bee farm numbers anything up to 800 hives. Richard has been producing nucs for other beekeepers for over 8 years.

5-frame and 6-frame BS nuclei - £140/£150 in non-returnable box

Cost of these nucs is £140 (5-frame) or £150 (6-frame). A deposit of £40 or £50 respectively will reserve your nucleus for a collection from end of April onwards, dependent on weather.

First collection dates offered to customers whose deposits were received first. Balance of £100 payable on collection.

Contact me for any queries:

5 frame nuc

6 frame nuc